Thursday, January 12, 2012

In The Loop Fringe Earrings

This is my first review on my new blog! Today I'm going to talk about mark.'s In The Loop Fringe Earrings. 

I have had these in silvertone for awhile. They have quickly become my new go-to earrings!
These 80's inspired beauties are the perfect size for daily wear while adding a little "extra something" to your look. The hoop is 1" in diameter and the fringe is 2 1/4" long. My favorite feature in these earrings is the way the hoop itself slides through your ear giving them the illusion of floating. They are so beautiful and yet simple and delicate. At only $16 these are a must have item! 

Available in my eBoutique now HERE!


  1. I really like dangly earrings. These are nice and look easy to put on.

    1. They are fantastic Laurie! Seriously, my favorite pair right now!